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Saturday, March 1, 2014

When getting near to the end of In a Good Way (我的自由年代)

I don’t know how to collect my thoughts after the last two episodes. But I will try. 

First of all, the story so far is developing very well. I wasn’t wrong to expect this drama to be a lightweight drama with moments of meaningful elements such as friendship. I wasn’t wrong to expect it to be different from Reply 1997.

So far, I love the friendship between all the characters - how they help each other when they face difficulties such as in Xiao Wei’s case and Treasure Hunt Club's problems.

I love how the story incorporates different college elements to fit into the theme of freedom and friendship. For example, the exam, the protest, the concert, the club activities and so on. 

The character development in this drama is superb, Jia En's growth from a naive country girl to a girl with a strong heart and will to help others, Bai Xue's growth and freedom from her crush on Liu Chuan, Ren Wei's realization of himself, and Xiao Wei's courage to stand up for herself and so on. Everyone has a significant part in the story. Everyone has grown up a lot during the period. I find myself glad and joyful to see these each and everyone growing up throughout the drama. 

Of course, I shouldn't forget to mention our OTP is one of the best ever. Liu Chuan being there for Jia En in the beginning and now Jia en being there for him, such a balanced relationship, I would say! I love how Jia En's grown up so much compared with the beginning and how she can be the strength for Liu chuan now. 

Now there are more than one-third left to come from this drama. I wonder how much surprise it is gonna give me, since I have been surprised episode by episode several times from the start. 

Oh that moment!